The Affordable Connectivity Program is winding down, but Metro has you covered.

The federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) will run out of funding in April. However, Metro will include your ACP discount on your May bill, as long as you maintain your eligibility.

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When ACP ends, your Metro discount begins.

Starting in June, you will receive up to $15/mo. off your bill through August. Just keep your current ACP line active to continue receiving this discount.

Stay tuned for updates.

Watch your text messaging and email for any new information.

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Need support?

Call 888-863-8768 or dial *611 from your Metro® by T-Mobile phone.

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Free internet access for eligible students.

If you were enrolled in ACP and have a K-12 student, you may qualify for Project 10Million from T-Mobile. Help set your student up for success with a FREE digital hotspot and FREE 100GB of data for 5 years. There are no annual fees or restrictions.

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Got questions?

ACP Wind Down

  • The federal government has chosen not to renew funding to the Affordable Connectivity Program which is scheduled to end in April 2024. To help in the transition, Metro by T-Mobile will provide existing ACP customers with a $15 discount for three months through August. We will keep you informed about updates as August approaches.

  • While the ACP benefit is still on your account, you must maintain an ACP eligible rate plan (any plan with data) to keep your benefit. After ACP ends, you can change your rate plan at any time without risk to your 3-month $15 discount.

    • Funding for the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is running out of funding in April 2024. 
    • Metro by T-Mobile will provide a $15 per month discount for all existing ACP customers from June – August.
  • To maintain eligibility, you must ensure your address is correct, your rate plan is eligible for the ACP (any plan with data) and you have qualifying usage. Metro will notify you if you are in jeopardy of becoming ineligible to ensure you can correct issues before losing their benefit.

  • General questions about the ACP’s status should go to the FCC ACP Support Center at 877-384-2575 or go to Metro will be reaching out to customers who receive the ACP benefit with updates over the coming months.

Your $15 Metro discount

  • You don’t need to do anything other than keep the line active! We will automatically replace your ACP discount with our $15 monthly credit through August when your government discount ends in June.

  • No, this credit can only be applied to the line that has your ACP discount. This discount cannot be transferred or re-added if the line is cancelled.

  • Yes, the $15 discount will be applied to your line with ACP through August. There are no changes to your AutoPay discount, which is an additional $5 per account. You can view the line breakdown in My Account or call Care with additional assistance at 1-888-8Metro8.

  • At Metro you are never locked into a contract and can change your service at any time. However, once you cancel your account,  you will no longer be eligible to receive your ACP benefit or $15 discount.

  • No, the $15 discount is only available to customers who are receiving the ACP benefit when government funding runs out.

The federal ACP Benefit

    • Visit ACP recertification to learn about recertification.
    • ACP guidelines require customers to recertify every year to demonstrate they still qualify. Once you receive a letter from USAC, you must complete the recertification process before the deadline stated in your letter – usually within 60 days of when you receive it.
  • Under FCC rules, if you are on a plan where the ACP discount covers your monthly fee, you must use your Metro by T-Mobile service at least once every 45 days to keep your account active. If no activity is registered on your account after 30 days, you will enter a 15-day cure period before you are de-enrolled from the Affordable Connectivity Program and the discount is removed from your account. To maintain the Affordable Connectivity Program discount, simply place or receive a call, send a text, or use your mobile data (off a Wi-Fi network) each month.

  • You can change your number and still retain the discount. There are processes in place to verify if a phone number changes. Metro by T-Mobile will need to associate your new phone number with your ACP discount, which may delay application of the ACP discount to your new phone number for a brief period.

  • If you have concerns about the enrollment process or the quality of the ACP service Metro by T-Mobile is providing, you may call our Care team at 1-888-8Metro8. You may also file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Consumer Complaint Center, at or by calling 888-CALL-FCC (888-225-5322).