MetroPCS Sim Card Starter Guide

Welcome to our Nationwide Network.
Follow the steps below to install your new SIM card and activate your phone.

1. Provide Basic Information

Your name, address and an eight-digit number (PIN) that you will use to access your account.

2. Find Your Serial Numbers

Your SIM card serial # is located on the plastic card that holds your SIM. Your phone serial # or IMEI # may be located underneath the battery or on the original box and packaging that your device came in.

3. Install Your SIM

Insert the nano SIM card into your phone, using the included adapter (if required). Once the SIMis installed, insert your phone’s battery and charge your phone.

4. Choose Your Desired Plan

Choose your unlimited data, talk and text plan and features.

5. Choose Your Method Of Payment

To start your service, purchase a MetroPCS payment card in addition to your SIM, provide a credit or debit card at the time of activation, or pay in-store.

6. Give Us A Call

Dial 1.888.8metro8 from any phone other than the one you are trying to activate. A MetroPCS activation representative will be available to assist you in activating your service and making your first month’s payment.