1. What was announced May 1, 2013?


We announced that MetroPCS and T-Mobile have officially joined forces.

We believe things are only going to get better for you as we aim to provide you with more phone choices, more value and more coverage and resources now that we have combined MetroPCS and T-Mobile.


2. What does the combination of MetroPCS and T-Mobile mean for me?

Nothing changes with your current service, plan, phone number or phone, or where you can make your payments or receive customer support.

Beyond that, it means that you can expect even more from MetroPCS with access to more cutting-edge smartphones, more coverage with a nationwide 4G network coming soon, more value with simple and affordable no annual contract rate plans and more resources to give you what you demand and deserve.


3. If I am a MetroPCS customer, does this mean I am now a T-Mobile customer?

No. T-Mobile and MetroPCS will operate separately, and MetroPCS will maintain its brand name and its customers.

Some of the key benefits for our customers include combining the best of MetroPCS and T-Mobile so that we may soon provide access to a faster, nationwide 4G network, as well as a wider selection of cutting-edge smartphones.


4. Does my current service or rate plan change?

No, your current service or rate plan will not change unless you choose to change it.


5. Are MetroPCS’ service plans still unlimited talk, text and data and tax inclusive?

Absolutely. MetroPCS will continue to offer unlimited talk, text and data services inclusive of all applicable taxes and regulatory fees.

And, MetroPCS is still focused on offering no annual contract services at a low, flat rate that fits your lifestyle.


6. Does this mean that I am required to sign a contract for wireless services? Am I now under a contract?

No. You are not currently under a contract, and you are not required to sign a contract to continue to receive your current MetroPCS service.

MetroPCS still stands for no annual contract, and we remain committed to providing you with unlimited wireless services at an unmatched value.


7. How do I pay my bill? Can I pay at T-Mobile stores now?

For the immediate future, you will continue to pay for your service as you always have through the existing MetroPCS stores and payment channels.

We will notify you in advance if those channels are expanded in the future.


8. I heard that MetroPCS and T-Mobile operate different kinds of networks. Do I need to get a new phone?

No. You can continue to enjoy MetroPCS service with your current phone, and we will maintain our mobile networks to give you the best experience possible.

MetroPCS stands behind our products and services, and this combination with T-Mobile does not interrupt our ability to provide you with wireless services.

Should you decide to upgrade your phone in the future, there will be many more exciting choices, all with cutting-edge technology and access to a nationwide 4G network.


9. Do I have access to a nationwide 4G network? If so when?

As part of our integration with T-Mobile, one of the key benefits will be access to a faster, higher capacity nationwide 4G network.

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.


10. When will I have access to more phones?

Keep an eye out for exciting new phones arriving at stores and online in the near future.

We will continue to update you as new phones become available.


11. Will you offer the same promotions and phone pricing as T-Mobile?

No. T-Mobile and MetroPCS will continue to operate separately with independent pricing and special offers.


12. Will you be expanding markets?

We are always looking for new opportunities to grow, and we will continue to update you on any plans to expand our presence in other markets while we build our faster, nationwide 4G network.

Please visit metropcs.com to view our coverage maps and Home Area for a list of current markets.


13. Do I still contact MetroPCS for support?

Yes. MetroPCS customer service will continue to support you via our Corporate Stores, Dealer Stores, MetroPCS.com, dialing *611 from your MetroPCS phone or 888-8metro8 (888-863-8768).


14. Are there any changes to MetroPromise?

No. Customers who purchase MetroPCS phones still qualify for the MetroPromise under the following conditions.


15. Where can I go to get updates on the combination as they happen?

You can continue to visit www.metropcs.com/more for any new information. We are committed to keeping you updated on our progress and other important developments.

Additionally, you may also go to your nearest store for answers to your questions about the combination with T-Mobile or feel free to contact customer service for issues related to your account. Simply dial *611 from your MetroPCS phone or 888-8metro8 (888-863-8768).


16. Where will MetroPCS roll out its first Nationwide 4G phones first?

The rollout is currently being determined, but we anticipate having all markets selling Nationwide 4G phones by early 2014.


17. I live in a non-MetroPCS market. Does the combination with T-Mobile mean that I will be able to have MetroPCS service?

We currently only have phone numbers available for our Home Market areas, but stay tuned for updates as we continue to grow our presence in other markets. Please see our coverage map and select Home Area for a list of our current markets.


18. Is there a difference between MetroPCS and T-Mobile 4G speeds?

With all networks there can be differences in speeds depending on terrain and other external factors. However, one of the key benefits of the combination with T-Mobile is access to a nationwide 4G network soon and a clear-cut technology path to one common 4G LTE network.


19. Will I be able to buy a new MetroPCS phone at a T-Mobile store?

As the two companies will remain separate businesses, for the immediate future you will continue to purchase phones as you always have through the existing MetroPCS channels (Authorized Dealers, MetroPCS stores, National Retail and MetroPCS.com). If those channels are expanded in the future, we’ll communicate that information to you as quickly as possible.


20. Will MetroPCS stores also sell T-Mobile phones?

No. T-Mobile phones will be sold through existing T-Mobile channels.


21. Will MetroPCS still sell and support apps like MetroNavigator? Will they be the same price?

Yes, MetroNavigator will still be available. The price will not change for customers who already have the feature. New customers can check compatible features for their phone and pricing here.


22. Will there be changes to the MetroPCS rebate program with the addition of Nationwide 4G phones?

MetroPCS will continue with promotional offers and rebates on certain phones. Please see our for current offers.


23. Will MetroPCS still sell feature phones?

Yes. MetroPCS still offers a broad variety of phones to fit your mobile lifestyle.


24. Will MetroPCS sell the new Blackberry phone?

MetroPCS does not disclose its lineup of upcoming phones, but does have many exciting phones planned for the future. We will update you as new phones are available and you can also continue to check metropcs.com for the latest information.


25. Will MetroPCS sell the new Windows phone?

MetroPCS does not disclose its lineup of upcoming phones, but does have many exciting phones planned for the future. We will update you as new phones are available and you can also continue to check metropcs.com for the latest information.


26. Will MetroPCS sell the iPhone?

MetroPCS does not disclose its lineup of upcoming phones, but does have many exciting phones planned for the future. We will update you as new phones are available and you can also continue to check metropcs.com for the latest information.


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