CallerTunes FAQs

  1. What is CallerTunes? MetroPCS Ringback Tones is now CallerTunes powered by LISTEN.

  2. Where can I buy a CallerTunes subscription? To subscribe simply visit a MetroPCS store, call 611 from your MetroPCS phone, call 1.888.8metro8 or download the CallerTunes app from the Google Play store.

  3. Can I preview the CallerTunes before choosing to buy? Yes. You can preview a CallerTune by clicking on the song preview button.

  4. How much are CallerTunes and can I purchase them individually? No, your CallerTunes subscription comes with 2 credits per month. Additional purchases are not supported at this time.

  5. Will my CallerTunes credits roll over to the next month if I do not use them in the current month? No. Credits can only be used in the current month.

  6. How are CallerTunes different from ringtones? A CallerTune is what your callers hear when they call you instead of the standard ring. A ringtone is what you hear your phone play when someone calls you.

  7. How can I find out how many CallerTunes credits I have left? Navigate to the account section of your CallerTunes app to see how many credits are remaining for the month.

  8. How do I download my CallerTunes? CallerTunes are not downloaded to your phone, but play over the mobile carrier network when someone is calling you. You can select your CallerTunes on your phone via the CallerTunes app.

  9. How do I assign certain CallerTune to a specific caller? You can set up groups in the people section of the CallerTunes app and assign a certain ringback tone to a specific caller.

  10. Is there a limit to the number of CallerTunes I can have on my account? No. There is no limit to the number of CallerTunes you can have on your account.

  11. Do CallerTunes expire? Yes, but you can renew your CallerTunes with another credit before it expires. This will extend your tune for 365 days. You will be able to view the expiration date for each tune before you make the purchase.

  12. When do my CallerTunes credits refresh? Your subscription credits refresh at the beginning of your CallerTunes payment cycle. For example, if you subscribe to CallerTunes on the 15th of the month, your credits will renew on the 15th of the next month.

  13. Can I still buy a CallerTune if I don't have any credits? No. You must purchase a CallerTunes subscription.

  14. Can I move the CallerTunes on my current phone to a new cell phone? Yes. CallerTunes are attached to your phone number, not your mobile phone.


Add this today to your monthly plan in My Account. Click the purple "Edit/Change Services" button that you see at the top of My Services (found under the 'Device & Plan' tab)!