Mobile Hotspot FAQs

What is Mobile Hotspot? Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your data connection with multiple devices with Mobile Hotspot for just $5 per month! When there’s no Wi-Fi connection nearby, use Mobile Hotspot to browse the Internet on your computer and more!

What plan do I have to be on to add the Mobile hotspot feature? You can be on any current $40 and $50 4G plan, as well as the unlimited $60 GSM plan.

What phone do I need to have to use the Mobile Hotspot? To check the Mobile Hotspot compatibility for your device please loom for your device's User Guide here and then check under Dimensions & Specs.

How much 4G data do I get with the Mobile Hotspot? The allotted data for the Mobile Hotspot is based on the amount provided by your rate plan.

Add this today to your monthly plan in My Account. Click the purple "Edit/Change Services" button that you see at the top of My Services (found under the 'Device & Plan' tab)!