FAQs: Mobile Hotspot customers

Effective 06/19/2015, we will be increasing the high-speed data on your Mobile Hotspot and/or smartphone. As a Mobile Hotspot customer, you’ll get an extra 1GB of high-speed data—so you’re free to surf, download and stream on our blazing-fast nationwide 4G LTE network. Questions? We’ve got answers.

Mobile Hotspot is now included in all our rate plans that include data, which means that if you’re a current Mobile Hotspot customer we’re increasing your data plan to include an additional 1GB of high-speed data at no additional monthly charge. You can use it for your smartphone or tethering.

You’ll get an extra 1GB of high-speed data on top of the plan you currently have! Once you’ve used all of your high-speed data, your speeds will be slowed for the remainder of the payment cycle.

Now all customers on an unlimited smartphone LTE data plan will receive 6GB of high-speed Mobile Hotspot data, plus our customers like you who previously had the Mobile Hotspot feature will receive an extra 1GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data every month. Now, once you’ve used your allotment of high-speed Mobile Hotspot data, your Mobile Hotspot speeds will slow - but your smartphone will remain at full speed.

Not a thing! We’re working behind the scenes to make all of the necessary changes to your account. You’ll automatically receive an additional 1GB of high-speed data every month. This will remain on your plan until you make changes.

Contact us by dialing *611 on your MetroPCS phone and we’ll make sure you are on the best plan that meets your needs.

We’ll be happy to discuss this, or any other changes to your account. If you still have questions, please dial *611 from your MetroPCS phone.