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$40 10 GB of LTE $50 UNL LTE $60 UNL LTE

DVD (up to 480p)

*HD add-on ($10)

DVD (up to 480p)

HD add-on ($10)

DVD (up to 480p)

HD add-on ($10)

Hot Spot not included 5GB Hot Spot Included/ Line 15GB Hot Spot Included/Line
  Google One included Google One included
    Amazon Prime Included


Learn more about phone plan features by reading our Features articles, or by visiting our Plans page.

Up to five family members can combine their phone lines into a MetroPCS family plan.  The add a line rate is $30 per line. 

The family plan is available with features on the primary line associated with the $40, $50, and $60 features.

The $40 rate plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data, with up to 10 GB at 4G LTE speeds. The $50 and $60 4G LTE rate plans include unlimited data, talk, and text. Whenever you are in an area with 4G LTE data available, your phone will connect you to the data network and you can browse, stream, and download using the high-speed data connection.

On all plans, during congestion users >35GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds due to prioritization.  Video streams at 480p.

Even with high-speed 4G LTE, the time it takes to download or upload a file will vary based on your location, your phone’s processing power, memory, number of users on the wireless mobile network, server speed, etc.

If you want additional high-speed data in the middle of a cycle for a non-unlimited rate plan or for hot spot, visit your local MetroPCS store, or call *611 from your MetroPCS phone to add extra 4G LTE data.

There are four ways you can change your MetroPCS phone plan::

Online Sign In to MyAccount
In person Visit your local MetroPCS store
Calling on MetroPCS phone Dial *611 on your MetroPCS phone
Calling on another phone Call 1-888-8metro8 (863-8768)

All MetroPCS Plans include these features designed to help you make the most of your high-speed data:

  • Nationwide 4G LTE Mobile Network – Connect to high-speed data across the U.S. with our Nationwide 4G LTE network.
  • Wi-Fi Calling ­– Use a Wi-Fi Internet signal to place calls on your MetroPCS phone.


The $40 rate plan includes:

  • Music Unlimited™ – Stream music from 40 different services without using up your high-speed data.

Plans will include these features and many more. Learn more about MetroPCS features by visiting Troubleshooting Features.

MetroPCS has several services available to add onto your 4G LTE phone plan. Find all of these services and how to add them by visiting the Services page.