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Frequently Asked Questions : Signal Booster

A signal booster is a device that helps to extend the cellular coverage footprint in areas of weak or poor coverage.

To ensure signal boosters are not interfering with cellular coverage the FCC has mandated signal boosters be registered with carriers. Additionally, users are required to register their boosters prior to use. All carriers allowing the use of signal boosters on their network must provide a registration system so consumers can register the address of where the booster is used. Registration must be made available by March 1, 2014. The carrier can then use this information when troubleshooting network issues. In the event a booster is causing problems on the network registration helps carriers identify and locate the booster. Registration helps to protect consumers and carriers by streamlining network troubleshooting ensuring a positive signal experience.

The information collected during registration is specific to locating the address where the booster is used, and user contact information to enable the carrier to contact the user about the booster. This also includes information about the signal booster such as location, make, model, and serial number. This information will be used to locate boosters in the event network issues are believed to be linked to the booster operation. Any information collected through this program will be used as described above and is subject to the MetroPCS Privacy Policy.

If you are a MetroPCS customer who received a booster, you are already registered to the address where the device was shipped. If you purchased your own booster or have moved from the original, access the Signal Booster Registration Tool.

More information on the FCC requirements can be found at