You don’t take yada yada in life.

Don’t take it from your wireless provider.

Nada means no. Yada yada means all the nonsense.

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no contracts header

We keep it simple. You’re never locked into a years-long contract filled with legalese and tricky language.

no exploding bills header

No exploding bills means that at Metro, we don't lock you into a contract that explodes after your first year.

no surprises header

We won’t ever hide unexpected fees in your monthly bill. We’ll only spring good surprises on you, like cool perks that come just from being a Metro customer.

What about these yada yadas? Still no.

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We don’t pull hard inquiry reports against your credit score.

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Taxes and regulatory fees are included in your monthly plan price.

no contracts header

We’re backed by America’s largest 5G network—and so are our customers.

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Wireless plans with staying power.

Tons of goodies, no gimmicks.

For all the yada yadas we take out, Metro offers tons of great plans, deals, and perks.

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We keep it simple with no contracts and no credit checks. 

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Get more bang for your buck with great deals on Metro service and 5G phones.

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For all the yadas we take out, we pack Metro plans with perks and benefits.