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Hi, we’re Metro by T-Mobile

We’re all about giving you reliable wireless service at a fair price so you can stay connected to the people, places, and moments that light up your world.

  • At Metro, there’s nada yada yada.

    Taking a stand against yada yada

    Enter “Nada Yada Yada,” the kind of world you’ll find at Metro.

  • Woman wearing headphones dances with phone in hand.

    Why Metro is the best kept secret in wireless

    We're about to let you in on some insider info, so shhh!

  • A happy family browsing the internet together.

    How to get home internet for less

    If you’re struggling with access to reliable and affordable wireless home internet, you’re not alone. Learn more about the Affordable Connectivity Program.

  • At Metro, there’s nada yada yada.

    An open letter to Jason Alexander

    We set the record straight on what sets Metro apart.

  • Holidays without the gotcha.

    Metro is unwrapping Black Friday deals early.

    Celebrate the holidays without the yada yada starting November 16th.

  • Man talking on his phone, pointing off to the side triumphantly.

    Outsmarting Yada Yada

    Welcome to the first article in our series exposing wireless yada yada with tips on how to see through it and avoid it.

  • motorola razr in summer lilac color

    Metro dials up summer vibes this winter with new motorola razr

    The motorola razr is available in Summer Lilac starting December 14 while supplies last.

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    Get more bang for your buck with great deals on Metro service and 5G phones.

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    For all the yadas we take out, we pack Metro plans with perks and benefits.