Metro® by T‑Mobile Policies

Return Policy

Metro by T-Mobile will gladly assist with your Return.

Return a Device or accessory ( 'Device") within 14 days of the purchase date for in store purchases or postmarked 14 days from delivery date for online purchases of the original Device or within 14 days of the purchase date of a T-Mobile 5G Gateway. Return the Device with your receipt, in its package, with all contents, undamaged and in good working condition, with no material alterations to the Device’s hardware or software. Returns must be made at the store where the device was purchased for in store purchases and using the return slip included in the box for online purchases - All returns must be made for reasons outside of warranty issues.

Refunds will be less any rebates received and shipping costs. Certain promotional offers may require you to return all items you received with your Device and could cause you to become ineligible for any promotional discounts. There are no returns, refunds, or credits for prepaid service fees, monthly service, application download, add-ons and other fees. Return Policy is for new device activations only. Device upgrades are non- refundable and non-returnable, but may be covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty, if applicable. There are no returns, refunds, or credits for any other item not listed above.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with a purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee with our Return Policy. The product must be returned by mail within 14 days of delivery if it was bought online, or returned in store within 14 days if it was purchased in store. It must also meet these criteria:

  • In "like new" condition
  • In Original packaging with accessories
  • Not a device upgrade

Returned Payment Policy

If your payment is dishonored or returned, we may charge you a returned payment fee at the highest amount permissable by law, and we may also generate a draft or electronically debit your account for any fee amount due, all as allowed by law.

Our Commitment to Unlimited and Net Neutrality

Metro is powered by T‑Mobile’s blazing fast nationwide 4G LTE and 5G networks, giving Metro customers the best value in wireless. In order to provide Metro customers the option to get the best value and a fantastic experience, their data is prioritized after data of someT-Mobile and Sprint-branded customers. In the vast majority of times and locations, most customers will experience little, if any, effect from this practice.

To ensure we are providing the best network experience for the highest number of customers on their Metro-banded plans, the vast majority of our plans prioritize the data usage of heavy data users below that of other customers until their next bill cycle. For most Metro branded rate plans, the threshold for being considered a heavy data user is using more than 35GB of data in a billing cycle. This threshold number is periodically evaluated across our rate plans and brands to manage network traffic and deliver a good experience to all customers while offering a range of customer choices. Customers shouldn’t notice a difference due to prioritization in the vast majority of times and places, but may notice reduced speeds in comparison to customers with a higher priority during periods of network congestion. Depending on the extent of network congestion, these customers may notice more frequent impacts to some video streaming, file downloads, and other high-bandwidth activities. And to ensure the best experience on your Metro device, we prioritize Metro device data for most plans (except some of our larger hotspot plans, which are prioritized like tethering) over Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (tethering) data, so customers using Smartphone Mobile HotSpot may temporarily notice reduced tethering speeds during periods of network congestion, too.

Our Data MaximizerTM feature optimizes streaming video for mobile devices to improve customers’ overall network experience. For video that is not self-optimized by the video provider, we adjust the delivery rate for streaming video to up to 2.5Mbps (SD). So go ahead and use your data as you see fit. We are constantly upgrading our network and adding more capacity to let our customers use 4G LTE and 5G data in more places and at faster speeds. For details and options ask your sales representative or visit

Web Guard

Web Guard is a free, optional feature that restricts access to age-inappropriate websites on your handset for children, teens, and young adults. Please visit for details. More information can be found on