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Fast, free delivery, nonstop streaming, and exclusive member savings with Prime, when you join on a Metro Flex Plus plan.

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One-Day, Two-Day, and Same-Day delivery on millions of items.

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Your all-in-one destination for hit movies and TV, live sports, and more.

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Score free games, Twitch, and exclusive content.

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Get ad-free music and podcasts with Prime.

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  • A Prime membership includes fast, free delivery on millions of items, including same-day, one-day, and 2-hour delivery on some items (available in select cities). Prime also includes original and award-winning movies and TV series. Members can also enjoy Amazon Music with Prime and podcasts without ads and a free Twitch subscription with Prime Gaming. Prime members can save even more with exclusive member deals. There is something for everyone on Prime. You can learn more about these and other benefits by visiting

  • To get Prime through Metro, sign up for a Metro Flex Plus plan. Upon activation of your new rate plan, Metro will send you a text directing you to create and/or sign in to your Amazon account and activate Prime. If you no longer have the text, go to and enter your Metro phone number. The system will validate that you are on an eligible plan, and you can sign up for Prime.

  • If you remain on the Metro Flex Plus rate plan with Metro or other qualifying plans, you will not need to pay for your Prime membership.

  • If you already have a Prime membership, you can transition your membership to be billed through Metro. Activate your Prime membership with Metro at and follow the steps.

  • If your mobile service is no longer through Metro or you leave the qualifying rate plan for a different plan that does not offer Prime, your Prime membership will be automatically canceled.

  • Prime is included as an option with your new Metro Flex Plus rate plan. If you wish to cancel your Prime benefit, please visit the ‘Manage Your Prime Membership’ page at

  • If your Metro account is suspended for more than 24 hours your Prime membership will also be suspended. Once you make your monthly Metro service payment your Prime membership will start again within 24 hours.

  • If you do not make a payment to your Metro bill and your account is canceled, you will lose access to your Prime membership. Your Prime membership will start again when you pay for your Metro service and reactivate on a qualifying plan. 

  • You can visit the ‘Manage Your Prime Membership’ page at and under the billing section the method of payment will be indicated near the top left of the page. You can also call Metro customer care at 1-888-8Metro8 to confirm if Prime is a part of your rate plan.

  • You can request a new verification code by visiting If you are still having issues receiving a verification code, please contact Metro customer care at 1-888-8Metro8. Please note that to receive a verification code, you must be on a qualifying rate plan.

  • No, your Prime membership will continue while you are an active Metro customer on the Metro Flex Plus rate plan.

  • You can visit the Prime help page at