Frequently Asked Questions - Google One

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What is Google One?

Google One is a new, shareable subscription service that helps users get more out of Google - with expanded storage, direct access to experts, and members-only benefits across Google. In addition, eligible Metro® by T-Mobile customers get the added benefit of automatic mobile backup, which securely backs up their Android device’s photos, videos, and multimedia messages sent via Android Messages.

Access Google One through or by downloading the Google One app from the Play Store. [Note: automatic mobile backup can only be enabled by downloading the app for Android devices only]

What's the price?

If you’re on an eligible Metro® by T-Mobile plan, the cost of a 100GB Google One subscription is included in your rate plan at no extra cost with options for more storage. Same as with Drive storage, additional plans can be purchased month to month like with most other subscription products. Currently, for Metro to cover the cost of the Google One membership you must activate your membership within the Google One app from an Android device.

How can I pay for Google One?

If you’re on an eligible Metro® by T-Mobile plan, the cost of a 100 GB Google One subscription is included in your rate plan at no extra cost. You can upgrade your Google One storage allotment through the myMetro app or Metro Customer Care by dialing 1-888-8METRO8 if you exceed your storage limit.

Do I have to get the app?

You will need to download the Google One app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and sign into a Google account to register and set up mobile backup. Once you’ve set up your membership, you have the option of accessing your Google One member benefits at or through the app.

How much storage do I get free today?

Every Google Account has 15GB of free storage shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

How is Google One different from Drive?

Google One subscriptions come with storage that can be used across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos (for Original quality photos). Drive works exactly the same way as it always has. The difference is that with Google One, you get more storage and additional benefits (access to experts, benefits, other exclusive features to come) and can share these, along with storage, with your family.

I'm a Drive user - how does this impact me?

All paid consumer Google Drive storage plans have been upgraded to Google One. This change doesn’t affect GSuite business customers. There are no changes to our free storage plans with Google - Google One is an upgrade to our paid consumer storage plans.

The way you use Drive to store and share files doesn’t change. The same goes for Google Photos and Gmail. Google One is a new plan to manage your paid storage and get access to benefits.

What counts against my storage quota?

See here for what counts against your storage quota. For Google Photos, you have unlimited free storage for High quality photos, but Original quality (full resolution) photos will count against your storage quota. Learn more about photo upload quality here.

What happens to my free storage (15GB) when I get Google One?

Free storage will be counted as part of the new total quota. For example, if someone had 15GB and they upgraded to a 100GB plan, their new total storage will be 100GB (this is the same as with current Google Drive individual paid plans). For family members that are added in a plan, users keep their 15GB free storage, and only start using storage from the shared plan once they exceed the free quota.

What happens to my Google One account if my Metro® by T-Mobile account is canceled?

You'll still have all your Google One benefits for 7 days. After 7 days, you and your family members (if family sharing is enabled) will lose access to your additional storage, extra member benefits and Google experts. Each person will keep their default 15GB of free storage. If you're using more than 15GB of storage, all your files will stay safe, but you won't be able to store anything new. You can subscribe to Google One directly at Learn more here.  

How much storage am I using now? (as a non-Google One member)

Go to to see your current storage usage across Drive, Photos and Gmail.

What happens to my mobile backup when I exceed my storage limit?

Once you start running out, you’ll receive a notification flagging you are about to run out of storage. If you exceed your storage limit, your phone stops backing up, but you can still access your most recent backup and use it to restore a new device. In either scenario, you have the option to clear storage space, or you can upgrade your Google One storage allotment through the myMetro app or Metro Customer Care by dialing 1-888-8METRO8.

What is Google One automatic mobile backup?

Google One automatic mobile backup, is a “set it, and forget it” backup feature for certified Android devices offered as part of a service plan from Metr® by T-Mobile. Google One automatic mobile backup stores your Original quality (full resolution) photos, videos, and MMS messages safely in the cloud. WIth the Google One app, you are also able to see the status of Android Backup, which ensures your contacts and settings are backed up as well.

Who is automatic mobile backup available to?

Google One automatic mobile backup will be available to Metr® by T-Mobile customers on the new $50 and $60 dollar plans who download the Google One app on their Android phones.

Does mobile backup cost extra?

No. It is included in the cost of your eligible Metro® by T-Mobile plan when you have an active Google One membership.

How does backup impact my storage?

Your backed up Original quality (full resolution) photos, videos, and MMS will count against your storage quota that you get through Google One.

How does Google One automatic mobile backup work with Android Backup and Restore?

Google One automatic mobile backup, works with Android Backup & Restore to back up your Original quality (full resolution) photos, videos, and MMS messages safely in the cloud.

How does Google One automatic mobile backup differ from Drive Backup and Sync?

Google One is for backing up your mobile device, while Backup and Sync is for backing up your computer, camera and SD Cards.

Doesn’t Google Photos already back up? Is Google One replacing Photos?

Google Photos still works the same way - you can backup, access, and share your photos and videos. Same as before, you have unlimited high quality (reduced file storage), whereas Original quality (full resolution) counts against your storage.

Google One gives you:

  • More storage for Original quality (full resolution) photos and videos.
  • Downloads the latest photos from the cloud onto new devices, so you can easily view and share with other apps.
  • Backs up your photos, videos, and audio files sent via Android messages
  • Provides easy one tap controls to backup your media files

How do I back up my phone?

In the Google One app, click on the backup card. Toggle all 3 switches next to Device Data, Multimedia Messages, and Photos and Videos. When you go back to the home screen, you should see “On” underneath each backup option. This means you’ve successfully set up backup.

How do I restore my phone?

In the Google One app, you should see a “Restore Available” card on the home screen. Clicking ‘Restore Backups’ will take you to restore screen, where you will be able to see the options of what to restore. Click on ‘Restore’ next to Photos & Videos, and then next to Multimedia messages. You will see a notification at the bottom confirming both are restored. After the restore is complete, you’ll see the option to Restore be greyed out.

Can I restore using the Android Setup Wizard?

If your new Android device is running Android Pie or higher, you are a Google One member, and you have your phone backed up, you will see a prompt within the Android Setup Wizard to restore your Original quality (full resolution) photos and videos, as well as MMS messages

I’m having problems backing up or restoring my phone.

Contact a Google expert by using your Google One app, or Metr® by T-Mobile Customer Care by dialing 1-888-8METRO8 for any issues backing or restoring your phone. You can also seek assistance in your nearest Metro store.

What is a Google expert?

Google One introduces direct access to Google experts for members to ask questions and get help troubleshooting on all consumer Google products and services. With just one tap, members will be able to connect directly with a Google expert via phone, chat, or email (note that business products like GSuite and non-Google products are not covered).

What member benefits do I get with Google One?

Google One gives you access to special features and offers that help you get more out of Google. Benefits like enhanced editing features in Google photos, Google Play credits, and more are available with your membership. For more questions about the latest benefits and how to use your benefits, talk to a Google expert or access the Google One help center.

How many people can I share Google One with?

You can share your Google One membership with up to 5 family members (so 6 people in total, including yourself) in the same country who have a Google Account. Whoever first subscribes to Google One can decide if they want to share with existing family group (it’s opt-in, not mandatory).

Are there restrictions on who I can share it with?

Anyone can create a family with Google following the restrictions of the Google Families Terms of Service. The family manager will decide who is in the family group and manage the members, and will set up & manage the family payment method. The family manager is responsible for all purchases made using the family payment method.

Does it cost more to share with my family?


What am I actually sharing?

All Google One members can share the benefits with their family group. This includes: Storage space: Once a Google One membership is shared with family, the amount of storage tied to the membership is shared among the family group. Each individual's storage usage (after first 15 GB) is counted towards the overall cap. ex. If a family has the 100 GB plan, all members use their personal 15 GB before dipping into the 85 GB shared pool. Family members can use as much of the available storage as they want. If any family members have individual plans, or promos, storage will be counted against those quotas before counting against the family group quota. Every member of the family group can access support and benefits. For one-off benefits such as Play credits, they will be used on a first come first serve basis.

Note: children under 13 (or the applicable age for your country) will not have access to support or be able to redeem benefits.

Does sharing my Google One membership mean that they will be able to see all my stored stuff?

No. While Google One allows you to share your storage plan with family members, this doesn't give them access to files in your Drive unless you specifically share a file or folder with them. Learn more about sharing Drive files here.

How do I know my information is safe with Google?

Security is and has always been a top priority for us. All Google services, including Google One, are protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. Your files, emails, and photos are stored safely on our servers. Learn more.

How do I switch the Google Account used for Google One?

To switch the Google Account associated with Google One, open the Settings menu in either the app or the website and cancel your membership. Then re-open the app to opt in to Google One again, and select the correct account to use. If you have family members that were associated with their old account, you will need to re-invite all family members to share your membership on your new account.

How do I cancel my Google One membership?

You can cancel your membership from the Settings menu in either the Google One app or on the website.