Metro® by T-Mobile is committed to supporting our customers.

Learn how we're responding to COVID-19.

As we continue to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19 on communities
across the country, Metro by T-Mobile recognizes our customers are relying
on our network to ensure they have critical connections with family, loved ones
and emergency service providers. Keeping you connected is a top priority.

Our Customers

People come first. Learn how we're helping our customers.

Our Network

So that you can fully rely on our network, we have teams working to ensure it performs for all our customers, even during times with heavier traffic.

Our Stores

Metro by T-Mobile is following all state and local guidelines, including social distancing recommendations. Please visit our Metro store locator page to find stores in your area.

Our Customers

How can I make a payment online?

Learn more about online payments via MyAccount and making a payment via the MyMetro app at

Download the MyMetro app in Google Play

Download the MyMetro app in the Apple Store

I might have a problem making my monthly payment. What should I do?

Metro by T-Mobile offers a low cost $30 rate plan which includes unlimited data, with the first 2 GB at highest available speeds. You can update your plan via the MyMetro app, or MyAccount.

Download the MyMetro app in Google Play
Download the MyMetro app in the Apple Store

How can I get more data for my plan?

The vast majority of customers on Metro plans already have unlimited talk, text, and data. For customers on plan with limited high speed data, additional buckets of high-speed data can be purchased for as little as $5 for 2GB in the MyMetro app or MyAccount. To change to a plan that includes unlimited high speed data just visit the MyMetro app or MyAccount.

Download the MyMetro app in Google Play
Download the MyMetro app in the Apple Store

How do I get more mobile hotspot data?

Customers needing additional hotspot data can purchase a data top up for additional data for hotspot in the MyMetro app or through MyAccount.

How are you helping us order devices online?

You can purchase select phones online and activate new Metro accounts on those phones by using our new activation tool.

What is Metro by T-Mobile doing to help customers transact digitally?

Metro by T-Mobile has been working behind the scenes to improve the online experience for our customers. Due to COVID-19, we are making some additional online services available early to support customers. You can now purchase and activate select plans and services online using our activation tool.

Our Network

How is the T-Mobile network functioning?

Our network is performing incredibly well. We have teams working 24/7 to ensure it continues to perform for all our customers, even under times of anticipated heavier traffic.

What is T-Mobile doing to boost network capacity?

T-Mobile is continuing to take steps to help ensure everyone across the country can stay connected during this critical time. We have agreements with multiple spectrum holders to temporarily light up additional 600 MHz spectrum, expanding network capacity for customers across the country. We’re also expanding roaming access for Sprint customers to use the T-Mobile network. More here.

Our Stores

I come into your stores all of the time - how do I know they're safe?

We want to ensure we’re available to serve you in person so we’re taking a number of precautions to ensure you and our employees are safe. These include:

  • Requiring masks or facial coverings for employees, customers and visitors age 2 and over, at all times.
  • Continuing increased cleaning and sanitization
  • Making hand sanitizer available throughout the stores
  • Interacting at a safe distance
  • Adding signage in stores indicating where you and other customers should stand

Gentle reminder, if you’re not feeling well, we have a lot of great self-help options: You can manage your account on the MyMetro app on your device. You can log onto MyAccount to chat with an expert, check your usage, make a payment, or upgrade your plan as well as purchase devices and accessories on

Please note that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines, cloth face coverings should not be placed on young children under the age of 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

Are all of your stores open?

For those customers needing in-person support and essential services from one of our trusted store representatives please visit the Metro by T-Mobile store locator to find store status in your area. Metro by T-Mobile is following all state and local guidelines including social distancing recommendations.

The closest Metro by T-Mobile has closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak; what should I do if I want to purchase or need to activate my phone?

Most Metro by T-Mobile stores are back open. You can visit our Store Locator to find up to date store hours for a store near you. Now, you can also purchase online and activate online using our new activation tool.

What if I only want to order online?

You can purchase select phones online today. Shop available phones.

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