Lease to own frequently asked questions

What do I do with my phone at the end of the lease?

Keep it. After you’ve made your 18 lease payments, you own the phone.

What happens if my phone is damaged/broken while I’m still making payments?

You are responsible for making lease payments despite any damage to your phone. We encourage you to protect your device by adding handset protection to your plan.

If your phone is undamaged and you can’t make the lease payments for whatever reason, contact SmartPay to send in your device, terminate your lease, and stop further payments.

What happens if I need to cancel my Metro service?

Canceling service does not affect your SmartPay lease. You are still responsible for payments

Can I pay off my device early?

Yes. To pay off your lease early, log into your SmartPay account and navigate to the “Make a Payment” tab. Here, you’ll see a “Payoff Lease” button that will begin the early payoff process.

What happens if I miss/am late on a payment?

SmartPay will work with you to make up the payment. Nonpayment will result in collection efforts. More than three delinquent payments may affect your eligibility for future SmartPay lease approvals.

What devices are eligible for this lease to own offer?

The lease offer is available on select Android and Apple devices. Please check with your local store to see what devices are available.

Do I make my lease payment on my Metro bill or are they separate?

They are separate. Metro service payments will be made directly to Metro, while the monthly lease payments will be made directly to SmartPay.

Can I use AutoPay for my lease payments?

SmartPay automatically deducts payments on the frequency you select (once a month, twice a month, biweekly) from the card provided at the point of sale.

You can change your payment method by managing your account online or calling SmartPay customer service at Add SmartPay Customer Service Phone number

Who is eligible for the lease to own offer?

Metro customers who have at least 12 months of tenure.

What states are not eligible to participate in the lease to own offer?

SmartPay lease-to-own transactions are not available in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Wyoming.

When can I upgrade my device? Do I have to pay of my phone first?

You are eligible for a device upgrade as an existing customer with 1 day or more tenure. You will STILL be responsible for the lease agreement with SmartPay if you decide to upgrade your Metro phone before the lease is paid in full.

Can I trade in my current device for a credit when I lease a new device?

No. The lease to own offer can’t be combined with a device trade-in offer.

Is this offer available in all stores?

The lease to own offer is only available in participating stores and select states.

If an account has multiple lines that are eligible, can multiple lines take advantage of the offer?

Yes. Multiple lines on the same account can take this offer if they meet all eligibility criteria.

How many leases can I have at the same time?

 You should only be offered one promotional lease per lease applicant.