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$25/mo. Metro plan especially for you.

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Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid service where you pay for each month in advance. Make your first month’s payment, manage your account, and more all in one convenient place.

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$25/mo. plan.

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If congested, users > 35GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds and Metro customers may notice reduced speeds vs T‑Mobile due to prioritization. Video streams in SD. Unlimited on handset and network only. Applicable tax and regulatory fees are included in the monthly plan price. ACP: Limit 1 discount per eligible household.

Got Questions?

What if I don’t know or remember my pin?

A pin is set up at the time you sign up. If you don’t remember your pin, you can go through the “forgot pin” steps online or call Care at 1-888-863-8768.

Why isn’t this Welcome.US plan shown on the plans section of the Metro Website?

This plan is special to Welcome.US participants and is only available to those in that program.

When will my Welcome.US $25 plan expire?

You can remain on the $25 Welcome.US plan until you switch or stop paying.

How long is VIX Premium on my account?

ViX Premium is free for one year from the time of redemption.

I want to add home internet and a tablet line. How do I add those to my Welcome.US account?

Visit your nearest Metro by T-Mobile store. They can help walk you through purchasing and adding additional products and services to your account. These services are not part of the Welcome.US program and any new charges will be the full responsibility of the customer.

What if I want to upgrade my device? Am I able to do so and how soon?

  • You’re eligible for the same great device promotions as all Metro by T-Mobile customers. Visit your local Metro by T-Mobile store or call Customer Care for information on the latest promotions and to determine what you’re eligible for.

Can I choose a different Metro plan?

Yes! You can switch to any other available Metro rate plan. However, if you leave the Welcome.US $25 plan, the monthly amount due for your new rate plan could be higher.

My family and I all signed up for separate lines with Welcome.US a year ago, how can I merge our lines so I can pay for them all in one place? Alternatively, if I’m on a plan and want to separate lines?

  • Please contact Customer Care at 1-888-863-8768. The Metro Care representative can assist you with merging or separating the lines on your account.
  • Am I able to add my family to my account?
    • Yes, Customer Care can also assist with adding family members to your account.

If I add Autopay, can I get the $5 discount off this plan?


What happens if I do not make a payment on my due date?

If the amount due is not paid by the due date, the account will be suspended until the payment is received. 

Can I keep my same phone number transitioning to a Welcome.US account?


If I upgrade my device, will I have to change my rate plan?

  • No, upgrading your device does not impact service through Welcome.US.