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What form of payment does the Online Activation Tool take?

Credit and Debit cards are accepted.

I am a new Metro by T-Mobile customer and would like to activate more than one phone through the Online Activation Tool. Can I activate multiple lines through the Online Activation Tool?

Yes, new customers can activate up to five lines through the Online Activation Tool. Existing customers need to activate new lines by visiting a Metro by T-Mobile store or by calling Customer Care at 1-888-8metro8.

I’m an existing customer, can I use the Online Activation Tool to activate a new line?

The Online Activation Tool does not have the capability to assist existing customers. Existing customers can add new lines to their account by visiting a Metro by T-Mobile store or by calling Customer Care at 1-888-8metro8.

Is there an activation fee?

Currently, there is no fee to activate when you use the Online Activation Tool.

What if my activation payment fails?

You will receive a message describing why your payment may have failed, please follow any instructions to resolve the issue. If your payment continues to fail and there is not an issue with your credit/debit card, you can call Customer Care on 1-888-8metro8 for assistance.

I am a new Metro by T-Mobile customer and I need to activate the phone I purchased. How do I get to the Online Activation Tool?

Be sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi on your phone and head to Metro by T-Mobile's Self-Service Center. If you do not have Wi-Fi access, you can call Customer CARE at 1-888-8metro8 to activate. You may also activate using a computer with an internet connection—be sure to have your device nearby.

Can I activate my Tablet using the Online Activation Tool?

No, the Online Activation Tool can only be used to activate Smartphone devices. If you are activating a tablet, watch, or any other device, please visit a nearby Metro by T-Mobile store or call 1-888-8metro8.

How do I get my phone’s IMEI?

Get your phone’s unique IMEI by dialing *#06# on your Metro by T-Mobile device or by looking at the label under your device’s battery.

Can I add additional features, like insurance or international services, to my plan through the Online Activation Tool?

Yes, customers can add features to their plan while activating with the Online Activation Tool.

How do I make my ongoing service payments?

  • Make a payment via cash or credit/debit card at any Metro by T-Mobile Store
  • Set up AutoPay using our Self-Service Center
  • Set up your account in My Account or on the myMetro App using the Self-Service Center, both accept credit/debit cards
  • Call Customer Care at 1-888-8-metro8 or *611 from your Metro Phone, they accept credit/ debit cards

What do I need to Activate?

  • Phone and new SIM card: Have a compatible phone and new Metro by T-Mobile SIM card handy.
  • Choose a rate plan: You’ll need to select a plan and pay for your first month of service to complete activation.
  • E-mail address: A valid e-mail address not previously used on another Metro by T-Mobile account.
  • Phone number: We can provide you with a new number or you can bring your current number. If you bring your current number and it’s from an eligible carrier (i.e., non-T-Mobile-affiliated carriers, etc.), we’ll help you set it up.

I am bringing my own device to Metro by T-Mobile and want to keep my phone number. Can I do that using the Online Activation Tool?

Absolutely! First, please make sure you’ve checked your device combability with the T-Mobile Network using our Self-Service Center. Before using the Online Activation Tool you should:

  • Purchase a Metro by T-Mobile SIM
  • Pick a Rate Plan
  • Have your phone available when going through the activation process, you will need your phone’s IMEI