Current Metro customers without device protection can sign up in our stores through August 31.

Worry-free  wireless

Get affordable device  insurance and mobile  security with Premium  Handset Protection.®


Already have Premium  Handset Protection® and need  to file or follow up on a claim?  We can help with that.





Stay covered with device  insurance

Protect your device in case of loss,  theft and other unexpected events  life throws your way. Insurance  must be added to your device  within 30 days of device purchase,  upgrade, or activation. In-store  Visual Mechanical Inspection  may be required.


Stay covered with mobile  security

Safeguard your device against online  threats, viruses, data loss and risky  apps. McAfee® Security for Metro by  T-Mobile with ID Theft Protection can  be added to your device at any time.




Enrolling is simple

You can get Premium Handsetas  Protection or PHP Device Insurance for as  low as $2-$5 per month per device.1as  Sign up in our stores within 30 days of activating  your new device--or bring in your own phone.


Pricing varies depending on area code and device view pricing.

Frequently  Asked Questions
Device Insurance by Assurant
McAfee Security
How do I file a claim
This site is the easiest way to file your claim. Go to the Home page and start at the "File, Continue and Track My Claim" section located at the right-hand side. You may also call Assurant at 1-800-316-2075 and a care specialist will help you through the process. You’ll need the following information:
  • Your mobile number, serial number or IMEI
  • Your device, make and model
  • Description of what happened to your device and date of incident
  • Contact info (we may ask for your government issued ID)
  • Your account PIN number or security question (for security purposes)
  • Payment method for deductible (can be paid by credit card/debit card/eCheck)

What if I can't find the serial number (IMEI) for my device?
Your 15-digit IMEI number is typically located underneath the battery but you can also check your device’s original packaging or purchase receipt. If your device is still working, dial *#06# to display the IMEI number. For some manufacturers it’s found in the settings. You can also call your mobile carrier to get it.

Where do I find my deductible?
Go to the My Deductible page to learn about the deductible that applies to your device.
Contact Us
Contact Assurant – by phone, by email, by fax or through our contact us form – reach out to us!
Assurant Terms and Conditions
Visit and select  "Program Info" tab.
McAfee Terms and Conditions