Metro by T-Mobile Insights Program

T-Mobile provides businesses aggregate reporting on mobile use trends and patterns in conjunction with our consumer research partner. Here’s how the INSIGHTS program works and how you can choose to have your de-identified usage data excluded from these reports.

How it Works
We provide our partner mobile usage data that is relevant to analyzing trends and patterns (such as top-level domain and app usage data, feature usage data, cell tower-level location data, general information about our product and service usage like device type and amount of use and inferred demographic and similar information we obtain from other sources). We de-identify the data before providing it to our partner – we don’t provide data that could be used to identify any specific customer, such as a name or phone number. Instead, the data is linked to an identifier we create that does not identify the user (such as XlPnjZLJj9X8bA).

Our partner then uses this de-identified data (potentially along with data from other sources) to develop aggregate consumer research reports that show trends for groups and markets the reports to businesses or other groups that can benefit from such information. For example, when city traffic planners need to understand traffic patterns, the INSIGHTS program can use cell tower location data (showing devices that have connected to a cell tower at a given time – not precise location data about the device itself) to provide aggregate reports that show approximate numbers of commuters on different highways at different times of day. Similarly, a report might display a map of the total number of visitors to a shopping center at different times of day. Our partner is contractually prohibited from trying to use this data to identify any specific person, or from sharing non-aggregated information with business customers.

Your Choice
You can opt-out of having your de-identified mobile usage data used in this program by changing your INSIGHTS preference settings.

For T-Mobile customers, the settings for the program are available in your account profile and can be changed as follows:

  • Open your T-Mobile App on your device, select More > Profile Settings > Privacy and Notifications > Advertising & Insights > Insights, and set your preference; or
  • Open your My T-Mobile account online at, select Profile > Privacy and Notifications > Advertising & Insights > Insights, and set your preference.

For Metro by T-Mobile customers, you can make changes from your Metro by T-Mobile device while connected to the wireless network (not on WiFi) under the “Advertising and Insights” setting for your account. Go here to view your choices.