Easy returns with Metro® by T‑Mobile.

Return policy:

Metro by T‑Mobile stores will gladly assist with your return. Return a device or accessory within 14 days of the purchase date of the original device.

Return the device with your receipt, in its package, with all contents undamaged and in good working condition, with no material alterations to the device’s hardware or software.

Returns must be made at the store where the device was purchased. All returns must be made for reasons outside of warranty issues.

Refunds will be less any rebates received and shipping costs.

Certain promotional offers may require you to return all items you received with your device and could cause you to become ineligible for any promotional discounts.

There are no returns, refunds, or credits for prepaid service fees, monthly service, application download, add-ons, and other fees.

Return policy is for new device activations only. Device upgrades are non-refundable and non-returnable, but may be covered by a limited manufacturer's warranty, if applicable.

There are no returns, refunds, or credits for any other item not listed above.

Upgrade policy:

Customers who purchase a new device in-store or online, within 180 days of their last new device purchase, must pay the full retail price.

Returned payment policy:

If your payment is dishonored or returned, we may charge you a returned payment fee at the highest amount permissible by law, and we may also generate a draft or electronically debit your account for any fee amount due, all as allowed by law.