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Why Metro is the best kept secret in wireless

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We’re about to let you in on some insider info, so shhh! Few people know about the true benefits of prepaid wireless plans—you know, the ones that allow you to pay in advance for your talk, text, and data—and how they can actually deliver major freedom and flexibility for people.

There was a time when prepaid was a budget-friendly compromise with limited features, but those days are long gone. Prepaid plans now come armed with bragworthy perks and benefits, and at amazing prices. You no longer settle for less... at Metro, you get great benefits for being part of the extended T-Mobile family all while keeping your hard-earned money where it belongs—in your pockets! Metro customers get great perks like free stuff from T-Mobile Tuesdays, ScamShield, and 5G access included on America's largest 5G network at no extra charge!

Let's bust some common prepaid myths and explore why Metro is the best kept secret in wireless.

Affordability and budget control

Balancing budgets is never easy but it’s one of the significant advantages of prepaid plans. Having the flexibility to pay for service upfront means no surprise bills or overage charges. At Metro, that means easily controlling spending by selecting plans that match your exact needs, like getting $25 a line per month when you join and bring your own phone, or four lines for $100.

No credit checks or contracts

No one likes reading contract BS—but good news— with prepaid, you don’t have to! Prepaid plans are free of years-long contracts and don’t have credit checks, making plans more readily available to more people.

Network quality and coverage

5G is the latest generation of network technology, giving today’s 5G phones supercharged speeds, responsiveness and connectivity. With access to the nation’s largest 5G network, Metro customers get the most 5G coverage in the United States. That means more places to tap into fast 5G speeds.

Device selection

Metro customers have access to the largest selection of free 5G phones in prepaid and many locations offer affordable financing options, allowing customers to score the latest devices without breaking the bank.

Today, more than ever, people are gravitating toward cost-friendly subscription plans that maximize the power of choice. And with no hidden fees, no price hikes and no surprises, you know exactly what you’re getting when you join Metro by T-Mobile—freedom and value at your fingertips.

Here’s what the lawyers want you to know: “No Price Hikes” means when you join Metro, we won’t ever change what you pay for talk, text and data on our network for as long as you keep your plan. If a limited-time promo ends, the cost of third-party services increases, or you use per-use services, your monthly price might change. This deal is for new customers only.

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    We keep it simple with no contracts and no credit checks.

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    For all the yadas we take out, we pack Metro plans with perks and benefits.