The Wireless Carrier Breakup:

When loyalty gets left on "read."

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Distracted boyfriend meme. Three people in front of an “All Talk Wireless” sign. Attractive women in foreground is labeled “New Customer.” Man, labeled “Other Wireless Carriers,” stares obviously at attractive woman. Second woman, labeled “Existing Customer,” is staring at man with annoyed look on her face.

Hold the phone (literally), because there’s a game-changer in the wireless world! We’re redefining the relationship game between customers and carriers.

Let’s set the scene.

You’ve been with your wireless carrier for a while. They started off strong—free phones, cool benefits, perks galore. Yet, lately, they’re not that into you. They’re always giving their attention to new customers. It's like watching your ex flex on the gram with his new flame, and you’re left wondering where the spark went. Now that’s some yada yada.

We’re no stranger to this behavior. But we’re changing our ways. We listened to our devoted customers and decided it was time to get rid of this yada yada.

Introducing Metro Flex!

A program that makes sure ALL customers—new and existing—feel valued like never before. With Metro Flex, existing customers get that new customer feeling again and again because existing customers can get treated to the same deals as new ones. That means you can get a free 5G phone when you join, and the same great deals as new customers when you stay. And your options expand the longer you stay.

With Metro Flex, you are in the driver’s seat, with choice and control like never before. You choose what phone you want and even when you want it. It’s easy as:

1.   Bring your number to Metro and sign up for a Metro Flex plan.

2. Choose a 5G phone from the brands you love like Samsung, Motorola, T-Mobile REVVL, and more.

3.  Every 1, 2, or 3 years, trade in your working phone and choose from the same great Metro Flex deals as new customers. And hey, your options get better the longer you stay.

It’s really that simple. And still with no contracts, no credit checks, no surprises. Nada Yada Yada.

We’re setting a new standard for how carriers should treat their customers. Because you deserve it, and anything else is a bunch of yada yada.

Here’s what the lawyers want you to know: Sales tax applies. You’ll need email & ID (to verify your name & address) to sign up. When you trade-in or if you cancel service, the countdown for your next deal restarts. Current Metro or T-Mobile customer? Just switch to a Flex plan and you’re ready for deals after 12 months. Heads up—if you get a discounted phone when you join or add-a-line and want to move to a less expensive rate plan during the next 6 months, you'll need to pay $50 to change plans. Like everything else in this crazy world, Metro Flex details could change.

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