America’s Biggest and Best Prepaid Brand, Metro by T-Mobile, Takes On the Industry’s Biggest Gotcha with New Metro Flex Plans.

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Introducing Metro Flex

Metro Flex addresses prepaid’s biggest yada by providing customers with a free phone when they join AND the same deals as new customers when they stay – an industry first – as part of the company’s commitment to wireless without the gotcha.

New Metro Flex Plus plan comes with Amazon Prime included.

Metro introduces the new T-Mobile REVVL 7 as the only smartphone without the yada – and it’s yours free when you switch to Metro Flex.


BELLEVUE, Wash. — May 14, 2024  In an announcement today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) Consumer Group President Jon Freier shared major news from Metro by T-Mobile as part of the prepaid leader’s commitment to wireless without the gotcha. The company introduced new Metro Flex plans that give customers free phones when they join and the same great deals as new customers on a great selection of devices when they stay … making Metro the ONLY prepaid brand with a plan that gives new and existing customers the same, fair treatment.

The biggest gotcha in prepaid wireless is that your business isn’t valued. Prepaid providers give a free smartphone to new customers but regularly make existing ones pay up for that exact same smartphone. It’s frustrating, disrespectful and straight up wrong. Metro by T-Mobile is putting an end to all that, reinventing the process so you can get that new customer feeling again and again.

“Think about this, if two people walk into a prepaid store and one is brand new and the other is a five-year customer, only one of them gets the best deal on a new smartphone … and it’s not the longtime customer! Talk about some major yada yada,” said Jon Freier, President, T-Mobile Consumer Group. “Prepaid customers have been taken for granted for far too long, so we’re taking a stand today with Metro Flex. Now, customers get a free phone when they join and the same best phone deals as new customers when they stay — and it’s all because Metro is the only prepaid provider that values your business.”

Introducing Metro Flex

With Metro Flex, Metro puts customers in the driver’s seat, giving them choice and control like never before. With Metro’s new plans, you choose what phone you want and even when you want it. Here’s how it works:

1.   Switch to Metro and sign up for a Metro Flex plan.

2.   Get a free 5G phone when you join.

3.   Every 1, 2 or 3 years, trade in your old phone in working condition and choose from the same Metro Flex deals as new customers on select devices. Your options expand the longer you stay.

That’s all there is to it. Just bring your current number and ID and get our best deals on devices from top brands like Samsung, Motorola and REVVL (more on that in a minute!). Plans start at $50/month with AutoPay ($55 today and $50 after that when you sign up for AutoPay). You’ll have the comfort of knowing that when it’s time for a new phone, you’ll get the same great deals as new customers on select devices, because it’s all part of the plan.

As the supercharged version of Metro’s previous plans, Flex customers get access to America’s largest 5G network with unlimited talk and text, unlimited 5G smartphone data and more benefits than ever before. They can also score major perks at no extra cost.

With Metro Flex Plus, customers can enjoy unlimited texts to 210+ countries and destinations and Amazon Prime included (a savings of $14.99/month!) for as long as they remain on their plan, with shopping, savings and entertainment benefits all in a single membership. Prime members enjoy exceptional value with access to Amazon’s fast and free delivery, enormous selection, exclusive deals and shopping events, savings across healthcare, prescriptions and groceries, as well as movies, books, games, photo storage and more. So. Many. Perks!

And with Scam Shield, Google One 100GB and free stuff and deals every week through T-Mobile Tuesdays via the T Life app on all Flex plans, customers get an experience packed with value and perks worth bragging about.

Metro customers also get to experience wireless without the yada that other prepaid customers are forced to put up with. Because at Metro, there’s Nada Yada Yada — no contracts, no credit checks and no surprises ... ever.

Meet REVVL 7

To give Metro Flex customers even more device options, the new exclusive T-Mobile REVVL 7 5G and REVVL 7 PRO 5G launch at Metro on Thursday, May 23. As the first certified Nada Yada Yada phones (ok, this isn’t actually a certification, but this phone is still pretty cool and gotcha-free), the REVVL 7 5G and REVVL 7 PRO 5G deliver: 

  • Best-in-class features. With exceptional cameras, stereo sound, and supercharged performance thanks to an updated processor and long battery life, the REVVL 7 5G and REVVL 7 PRO 5G light up on the nation’s largest 5G network.

  • A lifetime limited warranty. If your phone faces a mechanical or electrical issue, fear not — Metro’s got you covered. REVVL is the ONLY phone in wireless that comes with a warranty like this. There’s seriously no limit on when you use it. It’s FOR-EV-ER, as long as you keep your Metro service.

  • Zero activation fees. Most phones come with an activation fee at most providers, but REVVL is activation fee-free, only at Metro.

  • A free charger. While most phones don’t come with a charger (seriously, the yada!), Metro will give you a charger for your REVVL if you need it.

Metro Flex plans will be available starting Thursday, May 16.

For more information on Metro Flex, visit

To learn more about REVVL 7, check out

Here’s how it works: If you use a lot of data, more than 35GB/mo., you may notice slower speeds when our network is busy. Video streams in SD. $25 activation fee may apply. You’ll need email & ID (to verify your name & address) to sign up. Flex Deals: Sales tax applies. You can get Flex deals on up to 4 lines (each line has its own countdown). When you swap or if you cancel service, the countdown for your next deal restarts. Heads up--if you get a discounted phone when you join or add-a-line and want to move to a cheaper rate plan during the next 6 months, you'll need to pay $50 to change plans. Currently at Metro or T-Mobile? Just switch to a Flex plan and you’re ready for deals after 12 months. Like everything else in this crazy world, Metro Flex details could change. REVVL 7: Your warranty lasts for the lifetime of the phone, as long as you keep your Metro service. It’s limited to the original buyer and your warranty will expire if you go more than 30 days without Metro service.

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