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Frequently Asked Questions : New Account

There are three ways you can activate your new MetroPCS phone:

In order to Bring Your Own Device to a new MetroPCS mobile plan, you will need to check your phone’s compatibility. The BYOD process requires an unlocked phone with an active phone number.

Learn more about the Number Portability process by clicking on the article below or find your local MetroPCS location to begin the BYOD process.

Wireless Number Portability (WNP) is a free service that allows you to bring your phone number with you when switching phone service to MetroPCS. To start the WNP process, you’ll need an active mobile phone or landline number. You’ll also need a phone bought at MetroPCS, or you can bring an unlocked phone to your local MetroPCS store. Make sure you haven’t cancelled your old service; you’ll need an active phone number to make the transfer. You may also need to take any locked smartphone to your current carrier to have it unlocked. If your phone is unlocked, it means your current carrier doesn’t have any restrictions keeping you from porting your phone number to a new carrier.

To port a mobile phone number typically takes less than 10 minutes, while a landline can take three to five days. Once you set up a MetroPCS account, while waiting for full number portability, you can begin texting and placing calls right away, but your phone may not be able to receive calls immediately.