Metro Tax

Metro by T-Mobile retail monthly service plan prices include applicable taxes and regulatory fees ("taxes and fees"). Taxes and fees vary by state and even by local jurisdiction within some states. Taxes and fees are calculated on your cycle date and generally shown on your Activation Statement (at time of activation) or your Monthly Statement (for recurring cycle charges). These statements are available under Financial Transaction History of your individual My Account site.

In some situations, "flat taxes" may not be shown on your statement. “Flat taxes” include state and local taxes (or regulatory fees) that are calculated as a fixed amount (not a percentage) and may be imposed monthly per subscriber line, per retail transaction or other similar method. Regardless of whether these flat taxes are shown on your statement, applicable flat taxes are included in the monthly service plan price and Metro by T-Mobile (aka MetroPCS) remits these amounts to the relevant governmental authorities for active subscribers. You are obligated to pay the amount due pursuant to the Terms and Conditions and failure to do so may result in suspension of your services.

Please refer to the table below for a list of flat taxes that are included in the monthly service plan price.1,2

State Description Rate
Alabama Alabama State – Wireless 911 Fee
Alaska Metro by T-Mobile does not currently offer service in Alaska
Arizona   n/a
Arkansas State – TRS Surcharges
Arkansas State – Telecom Relay Device Fee
California State - Wireless 911 Fee
California State – 988 Surcharge
California PPP Surcharge (see footnote (3) below)
Colorado Colorado State - Wireless 911 Fee
Colorado State - 988 Surcharge
Connecticut State – Wireless 911 Fee
Delaware Delaware State – Wireless 911
Delaware State – Wireless 988 Fee
Fee Delaware State – TRS Surcharges
District of Columbia
Florida Florida State – Wireless 911 Fee
Georgia State – Wireless 911 Fee $1.50
Hawaii   n/a
Idaho   n/a
Illinois   n/a
Indiana Indiana State – Wireless 911 Fee
Indiana State – TRS Surcharges
Iowa Iowa State – Wireless 911 Fee
Iowa State – TRS Surcharges
Kansas   n/a
Kentucky Kentucky State – Wireless 911 Fee
Kentucky State – Universal Service Fund Charge
Kentucky State – TRS Surcharges
Louisiana   n/a
Maine Maine State – Wireless 911 Fee
Maryland Maryland State – Wireless 911 Fee
Massachusetts Massachusetts State – Wireless 911 Fee
Michigan   n/a
Minnesota Minnesota State – Wireless 911 Fee
Mississippi Mississippi State – Wireless 911 Fee
Missouri   n/a
Montana Montana State – Wireless 911 Fee
Montana State – TRS Surcharges
Nebraska   n/a
Nevada City/County – Wireless 911 Fee
City – Local License Tax
Nevada State – TRS Surcharges
$0.25 - $1.00
Ordinarily 5% of 1st $15 or $0.75
New Hampshire
New Hampshire State – Wireless 911 Fee $0.75
New Jersey
New Mexico  New Mexico State – Universal Service Fund Charge
New York

New York State – Public Safety Communications Surcharge

County – Public Safety Communications Surcharge $0.30
Counties of Hamilton or St. Lawrence $0.00
Broome County Surcharge as of 12/1/2019 $1.40
Madison County Surcharge as of 9/1/2020 $0.95
Tioga County Surcharge as of 6/1/2022
North Carolina
North Carolina State – Wireless 911 Fee
North Carolina State – TRS Surcharges
North Dakota
North Dakota State – TRS Surcharges
Ohio   n/a
Oklahoma Oklahoma State – Wireless 911 Fee
Oklahoma State – Universal Service Fund Charge
Oregon Oregon State – Wireless 911 Fee
Oregon State – Wireless 988 Fee
Oregon State – TRS Surcharges
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State – Wireless 911 Fee $1.65
Rhode Island
Rhode Island State – Wireless 911 Fee
Rhode Island State – First Response Surcharge
South Carolina South Carolina State – Wireless 911 Fee
South Carolina State – Universal Service Fund Charge
South Carolina State – TRS Surcharges
South Dakota   n/a
Tennessee Tennessee State – Wireless 911 Fee $1.50
Texas   n/a
Utah   n/a
Vermont   n/a
Virginia State – Wireless 911 Fee
Virginia State – 988 Surcharge
Washington Washington State – Wireless 911 Fee
Washington State – 988 Surcharge
West Virginia   n/a
Wisconsin Wisconsin State – Police and Fire Protection Fee $0.38
Wyoming Wyoming State - TRS Surcharges $0.10
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico – Wireless 911 Fee $0.50

Last updated February 1, 2024

(1)This table is limited to flat taxes on our monthly service plans that include voice services. Service plans for tablets, hotspots, or IoT are not covered by this table.

(2)This table is limited to flat taxes and is not an exhaustive list of taxes and fees that are included in your service plan. We recommend that you to review your statement in conjunction with this site for applicable taxes and fees that are included in the price of your service plan or features.

(3) For information about the California PPP Surcharge, please see